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ARTGODDESS offers an expanding group of line drawings in the form of posters and cards. "The Universal Gift" is also available on T-shirts. (Note: most of these images is obtainable as T-shirts with a wholesale order of 72 or more shirts.)


LETTERPRESS PRINTS  These NEW sumptuous prints are
stamped with GOLD FOIL into thick, ivory Somerset watercolor paper.

The UG mother and child appear within a detailed oval border drawn by Lauren depicting the fuschias and other flowers growing in the Artgoddess gardens (which I owe to the efforts of the Jacobson family who owned this
property for decades before me.) The print comes with a backing board of
foamcore, is protected in a crystal bag and is ready to frame.

This first edition of 250, comes to you signed, dated and numbered.

$25.00 each +
$5.00 shipping and handling.

Copyright Lauren Sinnott

The Universal Gift


T-shirts  Maroon image on ivory shirt. Sizes Youth(M)-S-M-L-XL. $25 plus $5 shipping and tax.

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(All our T-shirts are 100% ORGANIC COTTON)

Notecards  Printed on parchment/ivory recycled-content stock. Blank inside----comes with matching envelope.

Set of 10 for $8 plus $5 shipping. Set of 20 for $15 plus $5 shipping.

Posters  11" x 17" black on parchment, suitable for framing. $1 each (minimum order of 15) plus $5 shipping.
Signed reproduction $25 plus $10 shipping.

A note about shipping....

If you are ordering more than one item or pack of items, you do nothave to pay all the individual shipping charges. I'll figure a fair total.

Following are more images available as notecards and posters, as well as T-shirts with an order of 72 or more...

Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

Princess Diana 
and Mother Teresa 

This drawing is a tribute to Diana and to the infinitely compassionate nun whom she admired and who followed her so close in passing.

May we hold the memory of Diana's bright spirit forever in our hearts, and gain comfort from the thought that the Mother is with her now, when she has been so suddenly wrenched away from her life and her children.

The artist, Lauren Sinnott, is also the mother of two boys, and was among the millions to shed tears at the shock of Princess Diana's death.

10% of all proceeds from the sale of this drawing will be donated to:
The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and
Mother Teresa's Order, the Missionaries of charity.

This image is available ONLY as a signed reproduction.

Copyright Lauren Sinnott


The Fairy Queen


The Fairy Queen

This image of Mab, the Queen Fairy High, was created for singer/songwriter Kenny Klein's album High Grows the Barley.

Copyright Lauren Sinnott



The Fairy Kiss

A magical image with many meanings...

 Copyright Lauren Sinnott

The Lady of the Lake

Copyright Lauren Sinnott 1996


Is there an image that you don't see here, that cries out to be included? I welcome your ideas. Please go back to my homepage to e-mail orders and/or responses.

Large Quantity/Wholesale Discounts

T-Shirts 6-11 $23 each $.50 each shipping
12-71 $22 each $.40 each shipping
72-143 $21 each $.30 each shipping
144- $18 each $.20 each shipping
Notecards 50 $.75 each $10 shipping
100 $.65 each $15 shipping
200-900 $.55 each $25 shipping
1000- $.50 each $45 shipping
Posters 100 $2 each $15 shipping
500 $1 each  $15 shipping
Letterpress Prints 1-9 $25.00 each $8 shipping 
10 or more $28.00 each $10-$20 shipping

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