We--that's the royal "we", meaning "me"--are working on this page, but allow me to include here at least SOME self-explanatory pictures of clothing I have made. If an item interests you, e-mail me (from the home page)...
I specialize in:
Fur brassieres 
wedding gowns
Special requests
that a customer really, really wants!... 

The chiffon blouse (at left) was constructed from 1 1/2 yards of fabric with about 2 square inches left over! I will make one for you for $175. These blouses are a superb frame for cleavage.

OK, there's a lot more. I need to do some photo scanning and I'll be right back. Feel free to bug me (e-mail on home page).

Additional coming attraction... the Artgoddess  line of Tuxedo shorts and G-string pouches for men.